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We help social projects in Nepal by sending YOU right there.

A short introduction

Our team has various experiences in volunteering abroad, intercultural exchange and volunteering with disabilities. Out of our own experiences in volunteering, we created detailed project information, which will help you to find the right project according to your interests, talents and skills. Our project partners are chosen by the need of support and have clear ideas about their goals for volunteers.With Move Nepal, we want to give projects and volunteers the chance to benefit from each other. One of our main goals is to achieve a win-win situation for both projects and their volunteers.

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Featured Projects

Go with us. It's simple.

Move Nepal is a local volunteer initiative. All profits go to local training programs for visually impaired people and the projects you work on. With the small amount of projects we have, there may not be many options, but we do have frequent contact with our project partners and host families. We offer volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities and we give them the chance to establish their own project ideas and plans. With the help of our supportive community, we offer meaningful volunteering experiences. Our volunteer fees are highly affordable and for a low cost, you have access to a high quality volunteer opportunity.

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News & Stories

Tomasz from Kanthari visiting Chhitup Lama founder of HEAD Nepal in Humla


Tomasz from Kanthari visiting IEC Nepal

Follow the link and watch the documentary….

Thanks to Quentin

Quentin has just left IEC Nepal and he did a wonderful job. He developed an application which we can use while teaching Computer for the blind. Thanks for your work and help!!!

Sophias review after 3 month Volunteering at Srijana School of the Deaf

My name is Sophia, I am from Germany and I am 20 years old. I have been volunteering in Nepal for three months now and will stay another three. I am teaching at the Sirjana School of the Deaf. My main subject is Art which I sometimes combine with English. I am not deaf and (…) Read the Rest…

Dylan Volunteering at Janaparkash Higher Secondary School and Hostel

To read more about a outcome of Dylans time while Volunteering in Nepal, Visit his website. He supports students in their daily activities and teaches English. Dylan built up a network to assist Kids from the hostel in their future studies, dreams and plans because their parents don’t have enough financial resources to invest in (…) Read the Rest…

The interview of handicap sure le monde is ready to watch!

You can watch it on the following link!!! We are Thankful for sharing.

A two weeks Workshop

In August The Swift Centre, the ‘Youth in Action’ Programme/ European Commission (EC), Move Nepal and IEC Nepal organized a two weeks workshop for volunteers from UK. The volunteers where divided in different groups where the organized workshops in 4 different projects. IEC Nepal, Kaski association for the blind, Independent living society, a disabled person organisation and (…) Read the Rest…

Solène& Paul’s feedback of the mission at IEC Nepal

We did experience a lot at IEC Nepal! We met a very enthusiastic and welcoming team and felt comfortable with them right from the first day. During one month, we had the opportunity to draw a feasibility plan for developing IEC Nepal’s training program, then we promoted Move Nepal volunteers initiative through social networks and (…) Read the Rest…

A new Volunteer for our Braille Tshirt collection

We welcome Gabrille from France a student in international  trade. With canvassing techniques, market studies and personal will power for social change she will be involved in our Braille T shirt campaign, production and active marketing measures. We are glad to have her  here and looking forward to a agitating time together.

Khom at Kanthari

rocky road to social change Khom Raj Sharma, 2009 kanthari graduate from Nepal started his dream project right after finishing the course. He empowers the blind through computer and language training. During a campus visit he talked to graduates from 2010 and 2012 about his challenges. Khom started very small. For the first year he (…) Read the Rest…